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Looking for a translator in Calgary? Our translation agency offers translation services in Calgary in over 60 languages, thanks to our team of professional translators. Get your free quote in just 30 minutes.

High-Quality Translation Services in Calgary

Our Calgary-based translation agency supports businesses and individuals aiming for global communication. For over 10 years, we have been offering a wide range of linguistic services including translation, interpretation, transcription, and multilingual subtitling. We assist numerous professionals in law, finance, and cutting-edge industries with the translation of documents, websites, and highly technical specialized files. To achieve this, we rely on our network of professional translators who deliver high-quality services in about sixty languages. No matter your multilingual challenges, we translate in English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and many other languages.

Numerous companies have trusted us and appreciate our quick response time. Indeed, we strictly adhere to all delivery deadlines entrusted to us and work with utmost confidentiality. For each project, you will work with a translator in Calgary translating into their native language. Rigorously selected, each of our service providers specializes in a specific field and possesses an excellent understanding of the jargon and many nuances of your industry. By working with Wordely and our talented team, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality translations quickly. Contact us now to receive your free, no-obligation quote in 30 minutes.

Wordely, Your Translation Agency in Calgary

Our translation agency, located in downtown Calgary, is ready to serve anyone looking for a reliable partnership. We provide accurate and professional translations tailored for all businesses and the specific needs of their sectors. For individuals, we offer certified translators in the language of their choice to ensure certified accurate translations of documents for all official procedures.

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Business Translation Services in Calgary

Businesses in Alberta and across Canada often need to communicate in other languages. Whether aiming to interact with French-speaking parts of Canada or simply with foreign clients or partners, business translation services in Calgary are vital. That’s why our translation agency provides professional translations of all your documents, regardless of your industry.

Our translators are equipped to handle legal documents like contracts, technical files like manuals, as well as websites, financial and marketing data. They also have the qualified expertise to translate technical documents for various industries: aerospace, automotive, chemistry, energy, pharmaceuticals, construction, etc. Choosing Wordely for your project means working with a translator in Calgary who understands your project’s stakes and possesses excellent mastery of your industry, ensuring translations perfectly tailored to your foreign audience. Contact us now to receive our personalized offer as soon as possible.

Legal Translation Services for Calgary

Legal document translation adheres to highly codified rules and complex terminology that only a legal expert can understand. When conducting legal procedures or trials internationally, the translation of these documents is crucial for effective communication among all concerned parties. Our translation agency thus offers legal translation services in Calgary, Alberta, and for all legal professionals in Canada.

For each project, we will deploy an experienced and qualified legal translator, specialized in your area of expertise. Rigorously selected for your project, all will translate into their native language and provide documents perfectly adapted to the cultural nuances and legal systems of your target audience. Because legal translation must be utterly reliable for your formalities, all translations are reviewed by a second linguist, then revised by a project manager before final delivery to our clients. Our teams can perform your legal translations very quickly, sometimes even in a few hours when necessary. With our urgent translation package, find a legal translator in Calgary who will assist you in handling your international files. Receive your quote in less than 30 minutes to start your urgent translation project as soon as possible!

Your Specialist in Legal Document Translation at Your Service

For over 10 years, our linguistic experts have been translating a wide range of legal documents for lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, and legal departments of large groups:

  • Commercial contracts and agreements
  • Corporate statutes and corporate documents
  • Patents and intellectual property documents
  • Legal correspondence
  • Summonses, subpoenas, and legal acts
  • Judgments
  • Wills and deeds of succession
  • General terms of sale, legal notices, contractual documents
  • And many other legal documents…

Need a quote? It’s simple, contact us directly by email or use our online quote form. Our team will get back to you in just a few minutes with a personalized offer.

French Translation Services in Calgary

French holds a significant place in Canada. It is one of the country’s two official languages, and the province of Quebec predominantly speaks French. If you aim to reach a wide audience in Quebec or a Francophone audience worldwide, translating your documents from French to English is an important goal. We offer French to English translation services in Calgary to ensure reliable communication with your target audience.

An experienced French translator will translate all your documents with great precision. They will take care to adapt the content of your documents to the cultural nuances of the French language, which uses many more words and nuances than English. We can produce high-quality content for all your needs and for all audiences: in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and more. For individuals, we can also find a certified French translator to handle your official translations for legal formalities. Choosing Wordely means working with a French translation expert to make your project in Quebec or with the global Francophone audience a success!

Your Partner Interpretation Agency in Alberta

In multilingual events, linguistic services play a more important role than ever. With interpretation services in Calgary and across Canada, eliminate language barriers with your counterparts and focus on the essence of your event!

An international conference, business meeting, legal proceedings, or commercial negotiations? In any case, we will mobilize an interpreter to facilitate communication between people speaking different languages. Our agency plays a crucial role in contexts where precision and fluidity of communication are essential for the success of your event. Our professional interpreters enable reliable communication for the exchange of often important information. For over a decade, numerous industrial groups and companies worldwide have trusted us.

Document Translation Services in Calgary

Wordely offers professional document translation services in Calgary. Our company is a reliable choice for translating documents across a wide variety of fields from different industrial sectors. Each document translation project is carefully tailored to precisely meet your needs and your target audience. We will assign your project to a competent translator expert in your field of activity to ensure the accuracy of the translation. Our company handles document translation in over 60 languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Arabic, Italian, Hungarian, and many others. Trust us to meet all your document translation needs!

A Translator in Calgary Specialized in Your Industry

Industries require specialized translators to ensure technical accuracy and terminological precision. This is especially important in highly technical fields such as medicine, law, engineering, or finance. At Wordely, our technical translators possess not only linguistic skills but also a deep understanding of the concerned sector. This allows them to correctly comprehend and convey the specific concepts and jargon of the industry.
Our translation company in Calgary ensures that all translated documents are reliable and conform to professional and regulatory standards. When necessary, we will engage a certified translator in Calgary to ensure that your document is perfectly acceptable to your foreign counterpart. Employing a specialized translator will contribute to your company’s professional image internationally and ensure high-quality translations.

A Certified Translator in Calgary for Your Official Translation

A certified translation is necessary when documents require official or legal validity, often in the context of government, legal, or academic procedures. In Alberta, such translations are carried out by a Calgary-based certified translator registered with the ATIA.

Whatever your needs or the nature of your formalities, our translation agency translates all your official documents through our network of certified translators in Calgary, Canada, and worldwide. All are available and responsive to translate your birth and marriage certificates, diplomas, legal documents, contracts, wills, driver’s licenses, and many other types of documents.

Unlike regular translation, certifying your translations ensures that they are faithful to the original document. It typically includes a seal or a declaration from the translator attesting to its accuracy. This guarantees that the documents will be accepted by official authorities and institutions, both locally and internationally.

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About the City of Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is a dynamic city located in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is known for its modern urban landscape and numerous green spaces. While most of its inhabitants speak English, French, Mandarin, Punjabi, and Spanish are also significant languages spoken in the city.

Calgary has a major economic center, particularly renowned for its oil and natural gas industries. It plays a crucial role in the Canadian economy, being a significant business hub for many Canadian and international companies. The city is also an innovation center in technology and renewable energy sectors. In this fully international context, translation services in Calgary are essential to ensure clear and precise communication among different economic players. Numerous industrial groups, legal professions, and financial companies require professional translations by specialists. Individuals also need certified translators in Calgary to translate their official and administrative documents with rigor and expertise. In this cosmopolitan city geared towards the business world, linguistic services are predominant and must be performed by professionals. This is why our translation company in Calgary acts as a true partner for businesses and individuals for all their multilingual needs.

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