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Are you looking for a translator in Ottawa? Our translation company provides translation services in Ottawa in more than 60 languages, thanks to our professional translators. Receive your free quote within 30 minutes.

Professional Translation Services in Ottawa for Your Project

Wordely, a translation and linguistic services agency, delivers translation services in Ottawa to all businesses and individuals in the region in over 60 languages. We offer translations, interpretation services, transcriptions, and certified translations through our network of 900 Canadian translators. For over a decade, numerous companies have relied on our Ottawa translation company to translate their specialized documents with rigor and precision. We provide high-quality translations tailored to all your needs, respecting your target audience and its cultural nuances.

In an increasingly globalized world, multilingual needs are growing. Today, it’s crucial to ensure translations are smooth and perfectly understandable to your audience to make your communication a success. That’s why each translation is carried out by a translator specialized in your field of activity. Meticulously selected, all translate into their native language and are able to produce value-added translations for your prospects, business partners, and foreign clients. Are you looking for a translator in Ottawa for your project? Contact us now to receive your personalized quote in less than 30 minutes.

Wordely, Your Translation Company in Ottawa, Ontario

Many businesses and individuals trust our Ontario translation company for their multilingual communication. All appreciate our quick response and the quality of our specialized translation services in Ottawa. Are you looking for a professional to assist with your internationalization? Contact our translation office now and receive your customized quote in less than 30 minutes!

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Wordely is also a network of translation and interpretation agencies in many cities across Canada.

Multilingual Translation Services

Our Ottawa translation company offers a wide range of multilingual services for businesses looking to communicate internationally. Leveraging our network of 900 translators in Ontario and worldwide, we provide translations, certified translations, and also interpretation, transcription, and multilingual subtitling services in over 60 languages.

Wordely’s goal is to eliminate the language barrier to enable smooth and effective communication. Whatever your needs, our talents will find an effective solution to make your internationalization project a success. Are you looking for a linguistic services provider in Ontario? Our team will be pleased to assist you.

Legal Translation Services in Ottawa

Legal document translation is essential for businesses and legal experts exchanging information in other languages. By using legal translation services, you will get accurate and faithful translations of your original documents.

Our translation company translates all your legal documents quickly in over 60 languages. We strictly adhere to all delivery deadlines as agreed in our quotes and operate with the utmost confidentiality. Each translator working on your project specializes in the field of law in your target language and also in your destination country and language. Legal translation in Ottawa (and any other city in Canada) allows for clear and effective communication between parties from different countries for contract negotiations, dispute resolution, and international legal cooperation.

We translate numerous legal documents:

Our translation agency has extensive expertise in translating legal documents. We assist many legal professionals with their multilingual legal communication every day. Among the wide range of documents we translate:

  • Contracts and commercial agreements
  • Patent and trademark filings
  • Legal acts and judgments
  • Wills and deeds of succession
  • Corporate statutes, minutes, corporate documents
  • General terms of sale, legal notices
  • Translation of legal publications
  • And many other documents…

Are you looking for a legal translator in Ottawa to translate your documents accurately? Write to us directly by email or through our online quote form. Our team will send you a personalized quote promptly.

Canadian French Translation Services

Canada is a bilingual country with French and English as official languages. The significant presence of Francophones and Ottawa’s proximity to Quebec increase the demand for French translation services. That’s why Wordely offers translations from English to French for all your corporate documents and official documents.

We will entrust your project to an experienced French translator who translates only into their native language. By working with Wordely, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality translations tailored to your target audience. No matter the audience you wish to reach, our linguistic experts will adapt your content to the cultural nuances of Quebec, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, or Switzerland. Are you looking for an English-French translator in Ottawa? Write to us, attaching your documents to be translated, to receive our quote as soon as possible.

Document Translation Services in Ottawa

Wordely offers document translation services in Ottawa. We work closely with Ontario businesses to provide high-quality translations to help them achieve their international business goals.

Our company provides document translation services in over 60 languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, and many others. At Wordely, no document is too complex for us, and each is translated with rigor and precision to ensure a deliverable that perfectly meets your needs. We would be happy to assist with your project. Contact us now to get help with your document translation needs.

Find a Certified Translator in Ottawa for Your Certified Translation

Certified translation is the conversion of official documents validated by the signature and seal of a certified translator. These translators must be accredited by professional bodies such as the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) or the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC).

Wordely offers certified translation services in Ottawa through our network of approved experts. When you are undertaking administrative or legal formalities, the certified translation of your documents is a mandatory step to ensure your documents are accepted by foreign counterparts. Documents that can be translated include birth certificates, diplomas, and legal documents such as wills or contracts. Only this certification has official value and guarantees that your translations are faithful to the original. Are you looking for a certified translator in Ottawa? Contact us to receive your free, no-obligation quote.

Technical Translation Services for Ottawa

Technical translation is a type of linguistic service aimed at translating specialized documents related to specific fields such as engineering, information technology, medicine, or science. Wordely provides technical translation services in around sixty languages through the expertise of our specialized translators.

Choosing our company means attaining high-quality terminological precision and receiving translations that adhere to the conventions and standards of your sector. The expertise of a technical translator is crucial for effectively communicating complex technical data. When you need to communicate with foreign partners or clients, it’s imperative to convey reliable information that respects the jargon and codes of your industry in your country of operation.

A Translator in Ottawa Specialized in Your Industry

Using translation services in Ottawa that specialize in your field of activity will guarantee translations that perfectly conform to your international objectives and the regulations of your industry. Indeed, a professional translator will have an in-depth understanding of technical jargon and the specific nuances of your sector. This expertise ensures you receive precise and relevant translations, avoiding errors that could have significant consequences.

Our translation company in Ottawa assists numerous industrial companies every day with their international communication. With the expertise of an experienced translator who is up to date with sector developments and trends, we translate technical manuals, user guides, patents, or product specifications in more than 60 languages. Do you need a technical translator in Ottawa for your project? Contact us now to receive your free quote in just 30 minutes!

A Few Words About the City of Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, located in the province of Ontario, is the capital of Canada. With over 1 million residents, the city is noted for its significant bilingualism, where English and French are the primary languages. English is the dominant language, as in all of Ontario, but French plays an important role, particularly due to Ottawa’s proximity to Quebec and its status as a government city. Indeed, 37% of Ottawa’s population is capable of speaking both English and French!

In terms of industries, Ottawa is home to four main employment sectors that provide opportunities to thousands of Canadians: public service with the presence of numerous government buildings, high-tech companies, healthcare, and educational services industry.

The presence of both English and French in this city means that translation services in Ottawa are of great importance for ensuring effective communication. Especially when it comes to business communication with the translation of legal, medical, or technical documents for industrial companies. To not be overlooked, these services must be performed by professional translators specialized to make your project a success. Trust Wordely to assist you in your international communication and to provide you with high-quality translations swiftly.

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