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Our translation agency quickly translates your documents, websites, and technical files. Request your free quote now and receive our personalized offer within 30 minutes!

Our Professional Translation Services

We translate all your legal documents: contracts, corporate by-laws, property deeds, wills, and other certified translations. Our professional legal translators are accredited in Canada, ensuring compliance with Canadian legal standards. Entrust us with your legal document translation needs for accurate and reliable service.

Wordely handles the translation of all your marketing documents: brochures, press releases, and press kits, newsletters. We facilitate your multilingual communication with quality services provided by our native translators.

Our website translation services enable any business to sell its products or services internationally. Our translators, who specialize in SEO, translate all your web content into French, Spanish, German, and many other languages.

Communicating financial information in other languages is crucial for businesses. Our translation company produces high-quality translations of all your financial documents : bank statements, mutual fund prospectus booklets, financial reports…

Translating a medical document leaves no room for approximation! We offer our specialized translation services in the field of healthcare, thanks to the expertise of our medical translators. Request your quote now!

Our translation agency translates your documents across a wide range of topics. We are capable of translating over 100 file formats into 100 languages, no matter your needs. Each project is assigned to a professional translator based in Canada or elsewhere in the world.

Discover Canada’s Leading Translation Company

Wordely is a translation company based in Canada. For over 10 years, we have been providing language services in more than 100 languages thanks to our professional translators located worldwide. Our translation agency delivers quality translations promptly, in line with all your global ambitions. Whether you need to translate a document, a website, or a technical file, we offer you a customized solution and advice to make your international expansion a success.

For each project, we pull out all the stops to provide you with a translation that suits your target audience. Your projects are entrusted to native translators who specialize in your field of business. In the end, your translation is reviewed by a second translator and then checked by a project manager who will scrutinize the document before delivery. We operate swiftly and with the utmost confidentiality! Contact us to receive a personalized proposal for your project.

The advantages of Wordely Canada translation agency

Native and experienced translators

Specialized translators in your field of business

Proofreading and strict quality control before delivery

Adherence to deadlines and fast delivery

A translation company responsive to all your needs

Since 2013, we’ve been assisting individuals and businesses with their international communication needs. We collaborate with many companies across a vast range of sectors: law, finance, marketing, SEO, audiovisual. Our translation company is equipped to meet all of our clients’ needs. We offer various professional translation services in Canada: certified translation, interpreting, video translation, subtitling, and multilingual SEO.

Our translation agency understands the stakes of your projects and respects your objectives to make your multilingual communication a success! Based in several cities across Canada, we offer our translation services in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Hamilton. Contact us now to receive your free quote in less than an hour!

FAQ About Our Translation Company

Where is your translation company based ?

Our translation company is based in Vancouver. However, we offer our translation services throughout Canada thanks to our local branches located in most Canadian provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland and Labrador. This way, you can be sure to benefit from a local service to make your project a success!

How much does it cost to translate a document ?

The cost of a translation depends on many factors, such as the file to be translated, the translation language, and the file’s layout. The number of words in the document and the desired delivery time also impact the price of a translation.

What types of documents can your translation company translate ?

Our translation agency is accustomed to translating a wide variety of files. For example, our Business Translation Services specialize in fields such as advertising, eCommerce, energy, IT, and the scientific sector. We translate contracts, documents, mobile applications, patents, product pages, and software. With over 100 file formats supported, Wordely is the ideal partner for your multilingual communication.

Can you legalize my translations ?

Yes! When you need to carry out formalities in certain countries around the world, you will need to provide your legalized translations. This process is quite complex and must be carried out by an accredited expert. Wordely offers this service thanks to our network of certified translators in Canada.

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