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For over a decade, Wordely has been assisting businesses and individuals in their multilingual communication needs. Located in downtown Toronto, we offer an extensive range of specialized linguistic services: legal translation, technical document translation for industries, multilingual website translation and SEO, subtitling, and more. With our seasoned project managers and professional translators, our translation company stands as the ideal partner for your global outreach.

Our vast experience equips us to understand the intricacies of your project, offering tailored solutions to all your multilingual challenges. Every assignment is completed promptly, meeting all your technical needs and constraints. We translate your content with utmost confidentiality and strictly adhere to our quality methodology. Our translation office is available to all our clients in Toronto and throughout Ontario, ensuring quick turnarounds on document translations. Trust in Wordely and our Toronto translation services!

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Wordely is a translation agency offering its services in Toronto. We translate a wide range of documents, websites, and specialized files into more than 100 languages, thanks to our rigorously selected professional translators. Each project undergoes specialized scrutiny for top-quality translation. Looking to translate a contract, a legal document, a website, or a financial report? Contact us now to get your free quote in 30 minutes.

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Multilingual Translation Services

Toronto is a multicultural city where multiple languages intersect daily. That’s why we offer a broad range of multilingual services in numerous language combinations, such as English to French, English to Spanish, English to German, and English to Chinese. Through our services, we help businesses communicate effectively, bridging the language gap. We deliver high-quality translations tailored to our target audience. Among the most frequently translated documents are:

  • Contract translations
  • E-commerce site translations
  • Legal document translations
  • Terms and conditions translations

Whatever your needs, our Toronto-based translation agency provides tailored solutions to meet all your requirements. For each project, we deploy a native translator specialized in your industry. We can deliver your translations promptly, adhering to all your editorial conditions.

French Translation Services in Toronto

Canada is a bilingual country, with both English and French as official languages. This means that the federal government, as well as provincial and territorial administrations, must offer services in both languages. Businesses operating in Canada, therefore, need to be able to communicate and provide services in both languages to align with legal requirements. Our French translators offer document translation services, website translation, and contract translation for reliable and accurate communication.

For English-speaking businesses in cities like Toronto or Vancouver, translating documents into French also allows them to reach a global audience. With 274 million speakers worldwide, French holds significant sway in the consumer world. Translating your materials into this language will enable you to reach a broad audience and grow your business. Our translation agency completes your French translation projects quickly. We translate from or to French in languages such as English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and even Dutch. Contact us to receive our free quote in less than 30 minutes.

Explore our Translation Services in Toronto

Our translation firm works in over 100 languages and is a specialist in translation services in Toronto. Delve into our areas of expertise:

Aeronautics Agri-food Agriculture Biotechnology
Chemistry Civil Engineering Confectionery, and Chocolate Industry Construction Industry, and Architecture
Finance Fishing Food and Beverage Forestry/Wood/Timber Industry
Gastronomy Government/Embassies/Consultates Health Services IT Industry
Import/Export Insurance Industry Legal Translation Services Marketing & Advertising
Medical Pharmaceutical Psychology Shoe and Leather Industry
Sports Technical Telecommunications Textile Industry
Toy Industry Trade Tourism & Hospitality Services Video Games
Watch Industry Wine Industry Website and SEO TV Production

Legal Translation Services for Toronto

Wordely provides professional legal translation services in Toronto. Our seasoned legal translators are well-versed in the nuances of law and the technical terminology associated with various documents. We translate contracts, terms and conditions, company by-laws, court judgments, and many other legal documents daily into languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Japanese.

Our legal translators are rigorously vetted and translate exclusively into their native languages. This ensures more than just linguistic accuracy; they are fully equipped to grasp all the legal intricacies of your documents. When you choose our translation company for your legal translation needs in Toronto, rest assured your content will be handled with the utmost confidentiality. We meet all delivery deadlines, even the tightest ones, ensuring the success of your project. Rely on the specialized expertise of an experienced legal translator in your field to handle your technical subject documents. If you’re seeking a translation agency expert in legal translation services in Toronto, request your free quote now and receive our tailored proposal within 30 minutes.

Document Translation Services in Toronto

We offer reliable and professional document translation services for businesses and individuals in Toronto looking to communicate effectively. When translating a document, precision is paramount. It’s also advised to have your documents translated by a specialist in your industry.

Be it industry-related documents, legal or financial documents, or technical ones like manuals and user guides, each project is entrusted to a translator experienced in your area of expertise. We translate all your files into over 100 languages promptly. Are you in need of document translation services to facilitate your international business dealings? Contact us today and receive your free quote in 30 minutes. We promise high-quality, personalized services!

Financial Translation Services in Toronto, Ontario

Toronto stands as a global financial hub, as evident by the skyscrapers lining Bay Street. But with a diverse, multilingual population, the demand for financial translation services in Toronto is significant. Wordely agency in Toronto specializes in financial document translation, ensuring smooth communication between financial professionals from various linguistic backgrounds.

For over a decade, we’ve translated annual reports, legal documents pertaining to the banking sector, and financial audits that require precise translation for a holistic understanding of projects. For instance, when an international company seeks to invest in Toronto’s stock market, financial translation services ensure that the information is clear and accurate, minimizing any risk of misunderstandings. For every project, we deploy a specialized financial translator in your desired language. We cater to translations in English, French, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Arabic, and many other languages! Our financial translators operate promptly and with utmost confidentiality!

Interpretation Services for Toronto

Wordely, along with its team of professional interpreters, offers interpretation services for your events. Be it seminars, colloquiums, interviews, or meetings in Toronto or any other Canadian city, our linguistic experts are on hand, specialized in your specific field. With our interpreters in Toronto, you can be assured of smooth and effective communication with your international attendees. We offer various services: simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, as well as over-the-phone interpretation and video interpretation on platforms like Zoom, Teams, Skype, or Facetime.

Your project will be managed by an experienced project manager who will meticulously prepare for your multilingual event. They will gather all necessary information about your project, as well as any glossaries or documents that could aid the interpreter’s work. We’ll then provide you with the best-suited interpretation method tailored to your event’s setup. Our translation agency is a go-to in the interpretation service sector. Get your free quote in less than 30 minutes.

Video Translation Services in Toronto

Video has become an indispensable communication medium today. So, when expanding internationally, translating videos is a crucial step. Our Toronto-based translation agency offers specialized video translation services. Our professional translators handle the transcription, subtitling, and dubbing of your audio and video files in over 100 languages.

Regardless of your video’s theme, we provide high-quality translation services promptly. We transcribe, subtitle, or dub conference videos, interviews, colloquiums, seminars, discussions, documentaries, and even films for television and cinema. Our translators deliver your translated files directly onto your video or in formats like .srt, VTT, SCC for North American television, or simply as a text transcription with or without timecodes. Are you a production company or a communications agency in Toronto? Don’t hesitate to reach out for any video translation projects!

About the City of Toronto, Ontario

Located in the heart of Canada in the province of Ontario, Toronto is a bustling metropolis reflecting the country’s cultural diversity. With a cosmopolitan population of over 2.9 million, the city embraces a vast array of cultures and languages, making it one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Toronto residents come from all over the globe, bringing with them an exceptional linguistic richness. Languages spoken in Toronto form a vibrant mosaic. Beyond English and French, languages like Mandarin, Spanish, Tamil, Tagalog, and many others echo throughout the city’s neighbourhoods.

Toronto is also home to numerous thriving industries. From finance to cutting-edge tech, to arts, fashion, and gastronomy, the city offers diverse professional opportunities. International businesses find a welcoming home here to establish their presence and thrive in this varied economic landscape. In this setting, translation services in Toronto play an essential role. They facilitate communication among residents, businesses, and government entities from various cultures speaking different languages. Accurate and professional translations are vital to breaking down language barriers, enabling everyone to fully engage in the city’s economic and social life. Trust our Toronto translation services to communicate effectively and expand your activities worldwide!

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