Technical Translation Services

Our professional translators can translate all your technical documents into over 100 languages, regardless of the file type and desired delivery timeline.

A Professional Technical Translator at Your Service

Technical translation refers to the adaptation of complex, industry-specific content laden with specialized terminology. Such content is typically found in fields like engineering, technology, medicine, and science. These translations are far from simple, given their intricate nature. Owing to this complexity, technical translations should ideally be undertaken by seasoned translators who possess a profound understanding of the topic at hand, inclusive of the industry-specific technical jargon.

At Wordely, our technical translators are meticulously selected for their proficiency in industry-specific terminology and their understanding of technical markets in both their source and target languages. They all translate solely into their native languages to ensure higher quality content. To guarantee a top-notch translation, all your documents are reviewed by a second linguist prior to delivery. Additionally, a project manager will also ensure the quality of the final product by verifying the spelling, syntax, layout, and mastery of complex terms related to your business.

Translation of Technical Documents

Every day, we undertake the translation of technical documents for numerous industrial companies in Canada:

  • User manuals
  • Technical instructions
  • Patent documents
  • Research reports
  • Safety data sheets
  • Programming guides
  • Clinical trial protocols
  • Regulatory compliance documents
  • Construction plans
  • Safety manuals
  • Product catalogs
  • Programming manuals
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Technical specifications
  • Technical drawings (plans, diagrams, infographics…)
  • Maintenance manuals

A Technical Translator Specialized in Your Industry

We understand that each client has specific needs. That’s why we assign your project to a technical translator specialized in your field. This ensures that you receive a high-quality translation with mastered technical jargon to meet all your requirements. Rigorously selected, all our translators translate into their native language. They specialize in technical translation and have extensive experience in the field.

By working with Wordely, you can be confident in receiving translations that align with your international ambitions. Each translation undergoes thorough review by a second technical translator and is revised by a project manager. We pay particular attention to details and accuracy to ensure your translations meet the set objectives. Contact us now to receive your quote within 30 minutes.

Your Translation Firm in Over 100 Languages

Our translation agency has extensive experience in translating technical documents and assists numerous industrial clients in their international communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Technical Translation Services

Why choose your technical translation agency?

Our team of translators is capable of understanding the complex specifics of your project and translating your documents with precision and consistency. We will assign you an experienced technical translator who understands your industry, complex concepts, and specific terms. Wordely is also a local partner, specialized in technical translation, responsive to all client requests.

What are the peculiarities of technical translation?

Translating technical documents is a complex process due to specific technical terms and specialized knowledge they contain. The technical translator must not only master the source and target languages but also possess specialized knowledge to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the terms used. This type of work requires great attention to detail and familiarity with the standards and specific formats of the field. Technical translation plays a crucial role in facilitating communication and understanding among experts from different countries and cultures.

Why use a native technical translator?

Working with an experienced and native technical translator is crucial to ensuring quality translations. Technical documents often consist of specific terms that require in-depth knowledge of the relevant field. By choosing a language specialist in technical translation, you benefit from their expertise and experience to make your project a success.

Working with a native translator also ensures that your translations will be done in the translator’s native language. This guarantees a complete mastery of the linguistic nuances and subtleties of the target language.

How long will it take to receive my translated documents?

We can meet all your deadlines, even the most urgent ones. When necessary, we can mobilize multiple translators who will work simultaneously on your project. This allows us to deliver your translated documents within a few hours. When you contact us for a quote, don’t forget to specify your delivery deadlines. We can then provide you with an appropriate quote.

Interested in our technical translation services?

Our translation agency translates all your technical documents into over 100 languages with fast turnaround times. Receive your free quote within 30 minutes.