Translation Services

Our translation services cover a wide range of language services in over 100 languages: translation, interpretation, certified translation, transcription, and website localization.

Legal Translations

Contracts, Sales Deeds, Patents, Corporate Bylaws…

Marketing Translations

Press Releases, Brochures, Catalogs, Presentations…

Website Translations

Product Sheets, Blogs, Multilinguan SEO, SEO Translation…

Financial Translations

Annual Reports, Loan Agreements, Market Analyses, Audits…

Technical Translations

User manuals, Specifications, Technical Sheets, Product Manuals…

Certified Translations

Birth Certificate, Driver’s Licence, Diplomas, Visas…

Advertising Translations

Google Ads Campaigns, Radio Advertisement Spot, Banner…

Ecommerce Translations

Product Descriptions, Product Features, Newsletters, Promotions…

IT Translations

Software Localization, Cybersecurity Policies, Technical Documentation…

Translation for the Energy Industry

Safety Procedures, Environmental Impact Assessments…

Translation for the Gas Industry

Gas Supply Contracts, Gas Market Reports, Safety Data Sheets (SDS)…

Translation for the Oil Industry

Birth Certificate, Driver’s Licence, Diplomas, Visas…

Translation for the Aerospace Industry

Aircaft Maintenance Manuals, Technical Reports, Safety Procedures…

Translation for the Real Estate Sector

Real Estate Contracts, Property Listing, Lease Agreements, Mortgage Documents…

Translation for the Cosmectics Industry

Product Labels, Packaging, Ingredient Lists, User Manuals for Cosmetic Devices…

Document Translation

PDF, Words, Excel, Presentations, Scanned Documents, Note-taking…

Urgent Translation

Your professional translations delivered in just a few hours…

Industrial Translation

Automobile, Energy, Chemistry, Architecture, Logistics, and many more.

The Best Translation Services in Canada

Wordely is a leading translation agency in Quebec and throughout Canada. For over 10 years, we have been assisting companies and individuals in their international communication efforts. We work in languages such as English, German, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, as well as Hungarian and Chinese, thanks to our team of professional translators. Rigorously selected, all our translators translate only into their native language. They specialize in specific fields such as law, finance, the medical field, or SEO, ensuring that your technical terms and industry nuances are perfectly mastered.

Translations are not merely transcriptions from one language to another. In many cases, they require adaptation to your target audience, its culture, and nuances. Our expertise in localization allows us to help you tailor your products and services to specific markets. We can localize your content to meet the needs of local markets and enhance your global presence. Discover our professional translation services and contact us to receive your free quote in less than 30 minutes. Our responsive agency is here to meet all your expectations!

Services Tailored to Your Needs

Each project is treated with a unique approach and expertise to provide the most personalized translation services possible. Our translators and project managers understand your needs and offer a solution tailored to your project: delivery time, content adaptation to your audience, translations certified by an accredited translator, and more. By working with Wordely, you can be assured of receiving high-quality translations that align with your objectives.

Our agency is headquartered in Montreal with representative offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and many more. We employ cutting-edge techniques to continually improve the quality of our services. This includes Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, which help us save valuable time in project execution. We also utilize specialized terminology glossaries to optimize workflow and create consistent content that stands the test of time. We would be delighted to assist you in translating your documents and websites. Contact us to discuss your needs and receive our customized proposal.

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FAQ About our Translation Services

How Much Does Your Translation Services Cost?

The price for our translation services may vary depending on the chosen service. Typically, the cost of translation depends on the language combination, text volume, and technicality. Delivery time and document formatting can also affect the project’s price. To get the exact cost for your desired service, contact us and receive your free quote in under 30 minutes.

What Services Does a Translation Firm Offer?

Translation companies offer a wide range of services. These include translation, interpretation, localization, proofreading, formatting, as well as certified translation of various content. Typically, the agency relies on a network of experts, which can be internal or external.

In Which Languages Do You Work?

We translate in over a hundred languages. You can explore all the language combinations on our dedicated languages page. Our translators work in languages such as English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, as well as in rarer languages and dialects like Czech, Hungarian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Korean, and many more!

How Can You Be Sure That Our Translation Services are Professional?

Wordely relies on the expertise of a network of professional linguists. Our translators are native speakers and specialists in your field of business. Each translation is reviewed by a second translator and then revised by a project manager. We make every effort to ensure the delivery of high-quality translations. If this is not the case, we will rework the translation free of charge until we achieve the desired result for our client!

I’d like to receive a quote, how can I do that?

All you need to do is contact us through our contact form. Fill in all the fields related to your project: language, deadline, project details (file format, specifications, etc.). Our sales team will send you your personalized quote very quickly so you can know the price of your project.

Discover our fast and high-quality translation services

Translation, interpretation, localization… Wordely translates all your content into more than 100 languages with the help of its professional translators. Get your free quote in 30 minutes.