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Our translation agency offers Dutch translation services. Find a Dutch translator available for your project and receive your free quote in 30 minutes.

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For over 10 years, our translation company has been providing high-quality Dutch translation services. Thanks to our network of qualified and experienced Dutch translators, receive documents, websites, and specialized files delivered quickly. The Netherlands and Dutch-speaking countries offer numerous business opportunities and a broad audience you could potentially reach. For translating your website, an official document, or technical files, the expertise of a certified Dutch translator is highly recommended.

That’s why our translation agency has selected a vast network of professional linguists. Rigorously recruited, all our translators have solid skills in translating from English to Dutch and from Dutch to English. They are specialized in various industries: law, finance, IT, energy, chemistry, automotive, etc. You will have the assurance of receiving translations that respect your technical terms as well as all the subtleties of your field of activity. For official procedures, we also offer certified Dutch translation services through our network of certified translators partners in all provinces of Canada. Are you looking for an English-Dutch translator for your project? Contact us now and receive your free quote in 30 minutes.

Fast English to Dutch Translation Services

For many professions, the speed of translation execution is a top priority. Law firms, for example, need to translate legal documents into Dutch for international procedures. Others need to translate medical documents or press releases very quickly.

Fortunately, Wordely offers fast Dutch translation services! We can deliver your translated documents in just a few hours when necessary. To do this, we mobilize a team of several translators who will work on your project simultaneously. Even for your official formalities, we can perform the legalization and apostille of our translations very quickly thanks to our partners worldwide. Because some translations can’t wait, take advantage of our emergency service and receive your translations directly by email.

Expert Dutch Document Translation Service

Translating documents into Dutch must be done with great rigor to provide perfectly adapted translations to your target audience. In many cases, cultural nuances and specific terminologies must be taken into account to reach the audience you desire. This involves the localization from English to Dutch. This process can involve marketing documents (brochures, press releases, newsletters) but also websites, mobile apps, or software. This means that your Dutch interlocutor will read your content without suspecting it’s a translation, as if it had been specifically written for them.

Wordely entrusts each project to an English-Dutch translator specialized in your field of activity. All translate into their native language to obtain high-quality Dutch document translation, perfectly adapted to the challenges of your project and your technical and linguistic constraints. Contact us now by email or through our quote form to find out how we can help you.

Dutch Business Translation Services

The translation of business documents from Dutch to English or from English to Dutch is an important part of the professional translations we perform every day. Indeed, when a company wishes to expand abroad, it must translate marketing documents and many legal documents. Opening a subsidiary or branch, for example, requires translating articles of incorporation and all legal documents related to your structure. Fortunately, Wordely finds for you a professional Dutch translator who can translate all your business documents quickly. We produce high-quality translations perfectly adapted to the needs of your formalities and your target language.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Scientific, pharmaceutical, medical translations
  • Translations for tourism
  • Translations for the aerospace industry
  • Translations for real estate
  • Translations for the energy sector
  • And many other fields…

About Dutch Translation

The Dutch language is primarily spoken in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Suriname. With 23 million native speakers, it is an important language in the technical and industrial field. The main industries of Dutch-speaking regions include agriculture, international trade, and cutting-edge technologies. The Port of Rotterdam is a major center for commercial transactions with the first European logistics hub. In Belgium, Flanders is particularly recognized for its technology industry, financial services, and the fashion sector in Antwerp.

Translating from English to Dutch is an important step to reach a Dutch-speaking audience. This target language covers dynamic regions, at the heart of numerous European and global economic activities. If you wish to develop your business between the Netherlands and Canada, hiring a Dutch translator is highly recommended to obtain a high-quality deliverable.

FAQ About Our Dutch Translation Services

How much do your Dutch translation services cost?

The cost of a Dutch translation is based on the number of words. However, this rate also depends on the technicality of the text to be translated and the desired delivery time. Additional services to translation such as localization, transcription, or multilingual DTP may affect these rates. The best option to know the price of your project is to contact us by attaching the documents to be translated. Our team will then quickly get back to you with a personalized offer.

How to find a certified Dutch translator?

It can be relatively difficult to find a certified Dutch translator to translate your official, administrative, and legal documents. Fortunately, several solutions exist: you can first consult various provincial translator associations to find an accredited expert for your type of translation. It is also possible to work with a translation agency like Wordely that offers certified Dutch-English translation services. For example, our company translates many documents thanks to its network of certified Dutch translator partners. We guarantee you advantageous rates and great speed of execution to meet all your deadline requirements.

How to verify the quality of your Dutch translation services?

You can simply have the translations delivered read by a native expert who can assess the documents. However, our translation agency has implemented a strict quality methodology to ensure impeccable work. For example, your translations are systematically reviewed by a second linguist before being revised by an experienced project manager. Whatever happens, our team will remain at your disposal to make corrections or to take into account your feedback, even after the delivery of translations.

Can you translate a website from English to Dutch?

Yes, of course! Translating a website into Dutch requires the expertise of an SEO translator. Fortunately, our team works with linguists specialized in multilingual SEO in Dutch and English. You will have the assurance of receiving a website translated correctly, and perfectly optimized for Dutch search engines.

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